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It is with extreme care and diligence that Li provides this incredible life changing service to cancer survivors! Li works with many Medical Doctors who operate on patients who have suffered from breast cancer and have undergone reconstructive surgeries. Li also provides Cancer Survivors with emergency services such as Brows if undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  These services are donated by Li whenever possible.

3D Areola tattooing is a paramedical procedure that implants pigments into the skin. The 3D effect is accomplished by using both "light" and "shadows" to create a realistic protruding nipple and textured skin.  Added features such as subtle wrinkles and Montgomery Glands are added to the final stage. Bringing both her artistic background in Art and her in-depth knowledge in this field, Li is able to achieve results that are incredibly "real-looking" and more importantly, "real-feeling" for those who have undergone Mastectomy surgery.

3D Areola Tattoos can also be extended to anyone who has undergone plastic surgery and has lost natural pigmentation around the tissue.  As well, Top Surgery (Gender Identity) is another area where a 3D Areola can be recreated.

Li has done hundreds of free Areola work for cancer survivors as this has been a life passion of hers.  To give back to others who have suffered trauma and are here to share their stories. 


Li continues to advocated for the past few years about the importance of recognizing this paramedical tattoo process; her goal is to be able to provide this service for clients and it be covered and accepted under medical insurance in Ontario

If you know of someone in need of this life changing service, please share our page! We offer free consultations and under certain circumstances FREE areola work for those in need.



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41 King Street North

Cookstown Ontario

L0L 1L0 

Tel: 416-518-2805

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