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Introducing the MeDioStar Diode Laser – Voted the World's Most Effective!Our medical-grade, German-engineered laser is a cut above the rest. With unparalleled efficiency and a painless experience, the MeDioStar Diode Laser is the top choice for all your laser needs.

why our laser
is superior to others

The diode lasers represent the most advanced technologies for hair removal. The

wavelength enables high absorption of light radiation in melanin and low absorption in

water. This guarantees safe treatment without risk of side effects. At the same time, it is

possible to treat dark skin types with low risk. For larger areas, the SmoothPulse

treatment mode can be used, so that even for sensitive patients the laser pulses are

hardly noticeable.

Hair removal uses the energy of light to prevent hair regrowth. In this process, the light

must penetrate several millimeters into the skin to reach the hair root as well. When it

hits the melanin of the hair, it is absorbed and converted into heat. The heat is stronger

the darker, thicker and denser the hair is. The thermal damage caused to the cells in the

hair and in the immediate hair environment, which are responsible for hair regrowth,

results in a drastic reduction of hair in the treated area.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the high power is sufficiently cooled.

Therefore, Asclepion’s systems are equipped with an efficient, integrated skin cooling,

which always cools the top layer of skin before the light pulse and, in addition to

protecting the epidermis, makes the treatment more comfortable.

No more painful hair removal sessions! And guaranteed fewer sessions.  Book online today!

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Man with goggles and bare chest undergoes procedure of arm pit laser epilation in clinic.j
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