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Li was encouraged by her parents at a very young age to explore her creative nature through art.  She always knew that her passion would become her career. Whether it was painting in oil paints or drawing portraits or teaching Art Theory to young children; Li has had a lifetime of exposure to these Art  elements.

Li enjoys creating from a blank canvas and microblading, much like painting, allows for that expression.  Helping people who have been affected by such things as Alopecia, Cancer and hair loss is such a driving force behind her daily inspiration. 


Her love for people and relationships intertwines in the business and she is constantly challenging herself to perfect what she already finds beautiful in her clients!

"I am privileged to have been educated by amazing European Artists and I apply these different techniques in both my practice and teaching Academy" - Li



Cameron took art all 4 years of high school and this is where she thrived, whether it was sketching, painting and everything in between Cameron was in her element. Cam then went on to university where she obtained a degree in forensic science, she enjoyed her time in University but was missing the creative aspect.


Since working at Beauty Brows by Li, Cameron has had the opportunity to train with Li and practice alongside Vita and Anna. Cam has quickly fallen in love with permanent makeup and strives to create high quality work using her artistic eye.

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As a very successful Entrepreneur for a famous shoe franchise, Anna's daily schedule was very busy and she found that permanent makeup was the answer for her makeup routine.  She quickly become intrigued with the creative process involved in this industry and completed a very in-depth training apprentischip under the mentorship of Liron Bartman (Beauty Brows by Li).

Anna continues to explore all the different techniques that are offered in this industry, including a passion for lip shading! As a perfectionist at heart, Anna strives hard to exceed the client's expectations.


Kimberly Bell joins the Beauty Brows Spa with a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience as a nurse practitioner for the past 16 years.

Her passion for seeing patients through their initial diagnosis to the end results of an "Areola Tattoo" is what drives her creative energy.


Kim has worked alongside some of the best surgeons in the Province who specialize in Breast Reconstruction Surgery. 

As part of the Spa team, Kimberly specializes in the medical side of tattooing including scar camouflage, Areola pigmentation and scar revision pigmentation.