My parents both encouraged me at a very young age to explore my creative nature through art.   I always knew that my passion would become my career.  Whether it was painting in oil paints or drawing portraits or teaching Art Theory to young children; I have had a lifetime of exposure to these elements.

I enjoy creating from a blank canvas and microblading, much like painting, allows me to express that. My love for people and relationships intertwines in my business and I am constantly challenging myself to perfect what I already find beautiful in my clients!

I am privileged to have been educated by amazing European Artists and I apply these different techniques in both my practice and teaching Academy.


Violetta has been in the alternative health, beauty and design industries for over a decade. She truly cares for her clients and goes to great lengths to ensure they are happy. Violetta aims to accentuate the natural beauty of her clients and provide a calming environment to relieve daily stresses.

@2016 Beauty Brows by Li