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Our courses are unique and structured with one purpose and goal in mind: for students to graduate and work!  

The PMU world is inundated with crash courses and information.  While these might benefit trained professionals, it is our opinion that the most effective way to learn is hands on approach and small teacher to student ratio.  That is why we created courses that mimic an apprentischip style learning.  Students spend time both in class and in the spa developing their knowledge and creativity. 

We are also proud to offer a working space for graduates! This exciting new venture allows students to slowly ease into the industry while having continuous mentorship from Li.  

We pride ourselves that all of our graduates go on to open their new business with the support and foundations they need to excel. A worthwhile investment not just for themselves, but for their clients.


Our next class begins February 2024! 

Li's upcoming Tattoo Machine Course is a great introduction course to permanent makeup. It will teach students how to use a tattoo machine for permanent makeup services and when students are finished they will be able to produce soft powder brows! The course is structured more as a small apprentischip rather than a crash course. Students spend two full days with Li doing extensive theory classes and then choose a day to come shadow her in the Spa and really work alongside her for the day.  Finally a model is provided to students and Li will work with the student to produce a soft powder brow. There is also a homework component to be completed at home and lifetime support and mentorship by Li. There are two options for costs: Option A - Kit that includes your tattoo machine ($3600) and option B - Kit that does not include a machine ($3200). All prices are subject to taxes. Students will receive a Manuel, full kit and certificate upon graduating.


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Are you ready to learn more? Ask questions? Register for our upcoming classes?  Please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will be in contact with you!

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